Pulp Bale Strapping System | Accent 470 | Accent Wire

Pulp Bale Strapping System

The world’s largest supplier of automatic wire strapping equipment introduces a pulp bale strapping system designed for reliability and durability.

Accent 470® Pulp Bale Strapping System Features include:

  • Adjustable wire guides
  • Pre-programmed strapping patterns
  • Quick-change Accent 470® wire tier rolls in and out of conveyor platform
  • Enclosed track for safer operation
  • Tilt-up conveyor chains for easy maintenance and service
  • On-board hydraulic system
  • Variable wire size between 12-gauge through 15-gauge

The heart of the new Accent Pulp Bale Strapping System is the Accent 470® wire tier. The Accent 470® has revolutionized wire tying for the recycling industry in hundreds of installations and is now the standard wire tier for most baler OEM’s.

Reasons to Own

  • Simplicity in design with fewer parts
  • No mechanical or hydraulic adjustments
  • Minutes of maintenance instead of hours
  • Hundreds of successful installations

Key Features

  • 470 Parts Cartridge® for access to wear parts
  • Four-twist knot for added joint strength
  • Multiple sides on cutter insert

The Accent 470® utilizes the innovative 470 Parts Cartridge® system. 
The features of this system are:

  • The Parts Cartridge pivots out and locks into service position for full-access to the wear parts. When locked in this position, maintenance personnel have a stable, vice-like platform to changes spare parts in-place.
  • The Parts Cartridge is easily removable. Accent offers extra Parts Cartridges loaded with spare parts. This gives a pulp mill the security of having a spare Parts Cartridge on the shelf for quick replacement of spare parts or to provide one-step troubleshooting.