Pulp Bale Unitizer | Accent 470 | Accent Wire

Pulp Bale Unitizer

The world’s largest supplier of automatic wire strapping equipment introduces a unitizing system designed for reliability and durability.

Accent Pulp Bale Unitizer Features include:

  • Side-centering vertical compactor arms
  • Equalized downforce from horizontal compactor arm
  • Package profile sensors pre-position compactor arms
  • Optional front and back squaring paddles
  • Single-drive conveyor power for square entry and exit alignment of package
  • Conveyors open for easy access to the wire tying head
  • Customizable to accommodate packages up to six bales high
  • Accent 470® Wire Tying system

The heart of the new Accent Pulp Bale Unitizer is the Accent 470® wire tying system. The Accent 470® has revolutionized wire tying for the recycling industry in hundreds of installations and is now the standard wire tier for most baler OEM’s.

Reasons to Own

  • Simplicity in design with fewer parts
  • No mechanical or hydraulic adjustments
  • Minutes of maintenance instead of hours
  • Hundreds of successful installations

Key Features

  • 470 Parts Cartridge® for access to wear parts
  • Four-twist knot for added joint strength
  • Multiple sides on cutter insert